CU-07 Tracer - Track and Trace module

The CU-07 Tracer is a GSM/GPS location unit for monitoring the movement of vehicles and objects (the position of a car, a motorcycle or cargo etc).

It features a very simple shape, construction and installation.

Sim card needs calling, sms and data. Usage based on 4000km per month around 8Mb.

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CU-07 Tracer - Track and Trace module

The position of the unit can be ascertained any time via a single SMS command or it can be sent during the journey via the GSM network to the mass storage server of the web application where data are managed for online monitoring and the trace log. Simply said, the unit can be used both for passive locating when it only answers a single command, and for the continuous transmission of real-time data to a data-collection server. If the attempt to send the data fails, the unit saves it in its internal memory and sends it later.

The small dimensions of the unit and the integrated antenna inside give easy and quick installation.

The CU-07 has a function to have a perfect overview of an employee starting work or returning from business trips and the like.

Recent Update CU-07

Jablotron has made the Track & Trace module suitable for vehicles used by multiple drivers. An outcome for private security organizations and logistics companies, among others.

The advantage of the new functionality is that journeys can be registered per driver. It is also easier to identify who can be held accountable if a vehicle deviates from the planned route or when a ticket on the license plate is issued on the mat. Drivers have a personal tag, with which they can be linked to the vehicles they are allowed to use. They can then view their own journey registration, as well as any fines for traffic violations.

The Jablotron Track & Trace module is ideal for logistics companies and security services. The online application receives data via GPRS and reports on this basis the number of kilometers traveled, the duration of the journeys and the route traveled. The module only needs to be provided with a SIM card, registered (once) and connected to the 12V socket in the car.

Specifications CU-07

Power supply voltage 8 - 30 V
Maximum current consumption 500 mA /12 V
Nominal current in on-line mode 50 mA /12 V
Standby current consumption 14 mA /12 V
Dimensions without the terminals and mounts
L x W x H
160 x 42x 19 mm
Unit weight 90 g
Operating temperature range -20 to +80 ℃

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