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  1. Jablotron JA-111M BUS mini Magnetic Door detector

    The Jablotron JA-111M is a small designed detector to detect the opening of doors and windows.

  2. Jablotron JA-112M BUS module for Magnetic Detectors - 2 inputs

    The JA-112M bus module is a bus system device for the JABLOTRON 100+.

    A bus module used to connect a wide range of magnetic switches to detect when doors and windows are opened. It has two independent inputs with the option of fully setting their properties. 

  3. Jablotron JA-118M eight-channel BUS module for Magnetic detectors

    The Jablotron JA-118M BUS module for wired magnetic detectors.

    - 8 inputs (EOL / wired loops: NC, repeated pulses or single balanced)

  4. Jablotron SA-200A wired magnetic Door Contact

    Magnetic wired door contact (NC) common type SA-200A (size: 50x14x12mm).

    €3.00 €2.48
  5. Jablotron SA-201A wired miniature magnetic door contact

    Jablotron SA-201-A magnetic wired door contact (NC) miniature.

    Ssize: 28 x 12 x 7 mm

    €5.00 €4.13
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  6. Jablotron SA-203 wired mini magnetic door contact

    Jablotron SA-203 magnetic mini self-adhesive contact with wire (size: 33 x 8 x 9 mm).

    €5.00 €4.13
  7. Jablotron SA-204 wired magnetic door contact

    SA-204 surface metallic contact for industrial applications and also metallic doors.

    Working distance max. 40mm (size: 49x17x9 mm).

    €17.00 €14.05
  8. Jablotron SA-210 wired magnetic door contact

    Jablotron SA-210 stud mini contact with cable - extra thin.

    €6.00 €4.96
  9. Jablotron SA-211 wired magnetic door contact

    Stud mini contact with cable - extra thin. 

    €5.00 €4.13
  10. Jablotron SA-220 wired Overhead Magnetic Detector
    Jablotron SA-220 wired Overhead Magnetic Detector 1 5 5 1

    Rolling door metal contact also for metallic doors with cable in armoured tube.

    Size: 106 x 38 x 10m

    €36.00 €29.75
  11. Jablotron CT-01 Shutter Movement Detector

    The Jablotron CT-01 Shutter Movement Detector is a wired detector for detecting the unauthorised movement of external window shutters on houses or buildings.


    €32.00 €26.45
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