Jablotron JK-103KRY PLUS GSM+LAN wireless alarm kit

The new Jablotron JK-103KRY is a kit including the radio module (R) and GSM and LAN.

It offers flexible settings and allows easy wireless protection for small premises, bigger family houses and small offices.

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The JK-103KRY kit offers flexible setting and allows easy protection for small premises, bigger family houses, offices and companies. It is equipped with a JA-111R radio module. The desired settings programmed by F-link software.

The Jablotron 103KRY PLUS kit contains

(See also Content Kit tab above):
JA-103KRY - control panel, check the link JA-103KRY for more information;
JA-154E - wireless keypad, check the link JA-154E for more information (1x JA-192E included);
JA-192E - 2x control segment for keypad, check the link JA-192E for more information;
JA-186JW - remote control, check the link JA-186JW for more information;
JA-150A - wireless indoor siren, check the link JA-150A for more information;
JA-163A - wireless outdoor siren, check the link JA-163A for more information;
JA-150P - modern wireless movement detector (PIR), check the link JA-150P for more information;
JA-180PB - bewegingsmelder (PIR) met glasbreuk detectie, check the link JA-180PB for more information;
JA-151M - 3x wireless mini magnet contact, check JA-151M for more information;
JA-192J - 2x key tag - check the link JA-192J for more information;
SA-214 - battery for emergencies, check the link SA-214 for more information.

The JK-103KRY offers

  • up to 50 wireless or BUS hardwired zones
  • up to 50 user codes
  • up to 8 sections
  • up to 32 programmable outputs
  • 20 independent calendars
  • system reports to 8 users by SMS
  • 4 ARC settings
  • 4 selectable reports to ARC

ncp insert certificering

Specifications JA-103KRY

Power source 230 V / 50 Hz, max. 0.1 A, security class II
Backup battery 12V; 2.9Ah (2.2 to 7Ah)
Maximum time needed for battery recharge 72 h
Max. continuous control panel current output 400 mA
Max. continuous current output for 12 hour backup 125 mA with a 2.6Ah battery
Max. number of enrolled devices 50
LAN communicator Yes
Battery A type (EN 50131-6)
QUAD-BAND GSM communicator 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Operating frequency JA-110R module 868.1 MHz ISM band
Invalid code-entries exceeded After 10 incorrect code entries
Event memory approx. 1 million of the latest events including date and time
Security rating 2 according to EN 50131-1, EN 50131-3-6, EN 50131-5-3
Operating environment Class II indoor general (-10 to +40°C), according to EN 50131-1
Radio transmission conformity ETSI EN 300220 (R module), ETSI EN 301 419-1, EN 301 511
EMC conformity EN 50130-4, EN 55022, ETSI EN 301 489-7
Security conformity EN 60950-1
Can be operated according to ERC REC 70-03
CLIP protocol (caller ID + SMS) ETSI EN 300 089

Compare the 103KRY with the 107KRY control panel

Comparison control panels of the JA-100 alarm system
868 MHz  Communication protocol radio module (included) 868 MHz
50 Number of wireless or BUS hardwired zones 230
50 Number of user codes 600
8 Number of sections 15
32   Number of programmable outputs 128
20 Number of independant calenders / timers 64
8 Number of users system reports to by sms 50
258 x 214 x 77 mm Dimensions 360 x 300 x 105 mm
yes  Build in GSM / GPRS communicator yes
yes Built in LAN communicator yes
yes (MyJablotron) App + internet (Web-Self-Service) yes
Private / Business
Private + / Business +
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