Jablotron 100 Home Assistant Integration

Jablotron 100 Home Assistant Integration

Home Assistant (HA) is an open source home automation platform in the same category as Domoticz and openHAB. The Home Assistant platform has a huge number of native integrations and a large community with additional integrations for so much more connected devices. Most of the community integrations are delivered through the Home Assistant Community Store (HACS).

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Interfacing Jablotron 100 without cloud

Interfacing Jablotron systems

Interfacing Jablotron systems to PC / domotica without the Cloud

An additional requirement that we had was that the solution should be completely cloud-free: no connection or dependency on any manufacturer's Internet 'cloud' servers or smartphone apps whatsoever...

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Jablotron JA-116H Wiring Module

Jablotron JA-116H Module

Combine the JA-100 control panel with wired existing Honeywell bus components. "A Honeywell Galaxy G2 system with 32 wired components was installed in our new home ...". In this article we show you how you can use the rich functionality of a Jablotron 100 central unit with your existing wired detectors from another brand.

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Jablotron 100 + Fibaro Connection

Fibaro z-wave

Connecting Jablotron 100 with Fibaro, Z-Wave protocol.

What is home automation? In short: it is a clever integration of technology and services, to control your home devices for a better quality of life. A home automation system uses a variety of sensors and actors. A sensor makes an observation and can control one or more actors. Actors make a circuit or send out a signal.

Home automation is a step toward what is referred to as the "Internet of Things," in which everything has an assigned IP address, and can be monitored and accessed remotely.

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