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Viscoo Twin Beam solutions for Jablotron 100

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  1. ActiView AV-ABI10-482 IR Barrier Twin Beam, 10m

    ActiView AV-ABI10-482 is a wired IR barrier twin beam with 2 beams, 10m.

    Barrier height is: 48cm

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    €54.00 €44.63
  2. ActiView AV-ABI100-482 IR Barrier Twin Beam, 100m

    ActiView AV-ABI100-482 wired IR Barrier Twin Beam with 2 beams, 100m.

    Barrier height: 48cm

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    €86.00 €71.07
  3. ActiView AV-ABT-60 photoelectric Twin Beam 60m

    ActiView AV-ABT-60 wired photoelectric Twin Beam detector 60m.

    Dimensions: 212(H) x 80(W) x 75(D) mm

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    €84.00 €69.42
  4. ActiView AV-ABT-100 photoelectric Twin Beam Detector 100m

    ActiView AV-ABT-100 wired photoelectric Twin Beam Detector 100m.

    Dimensions: 212(H) x 80(W) x 75(D)mm

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    €88.00 €72.73
  5. Actiview AV-AN-6Z Bracket for IR Multi Beams Barrier

    ActiView AV-AN-6Z is a bracket for IR multi beams barrier.

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    €13.00 €10.74
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