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  1. Jablotron Transformer JA-83PWR

    Jablotron Transformer for the OASiS JA-83K control panel. Currently also sold as JA-107PWR.

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    €84.00 €69.42
  2. Jablotron JA-82T - USB computer interface cable

    The Jablotron JA-82T is an interface between PC's and Oasis control panels, offers driver-less installation for the OLink software.

    Easier to use than the older JA-80T without driver for your pc.

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    €54.00 €44.63
  3. Jablotron BAT-80A SAFT outdoor siren Battery

    Battery for the outdoor siren JA-80A and the JA-180A, estimated lifetime is 5 years. Lithium battery, 6V, 11 Ah.

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    €68.00 €56.20
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  4. Jablotron AN-81 external antenna
    This antenna is designed for Jablotron wireless products, which use a frequency of 868 MHz and are equipped with a connector only for AN-8x antennas.
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    €71.00 €58.68
  5. Jablotron AN-05 2G/3G/4G external GSM antenna

    GSM rod antenna 900/1800MHz, +4dB, magnetic, hight 29 cm, cable 3m, SMA connector.

    Can be used with JA-194Y, JA-82Y, JA-191Y, CA-1201, CA-1202 and the 100 series.

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    €31.00 €25.62
  6. Jablotron PC-02 access tag

    The Jablotron PC-02 access card is a contact-free RFID key-tag for operating the system, black.

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    €4.00 €3.31
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