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Security camera systems are practically indispensable in the business market for companies, stores and institutions. At the same time, security camera systems in the private market are almost as inconceivable nowadays. The purchase of security camera equipment is dependent on the situation and therefore always requires a tailored approach. Every situation is different. Credex Alarm Systems is a security camera system specialist and is a VEB accredited security company. This accreditation means you are assured of the highest level of professional expertise, proven reliability and sound advice.

What is the purpose of camera security?

The specific use of a security camera system ultimately determines the specifications that the camera must meet and the number of cameras that are required.

When it comes to the projection of a security camera, there are three criteria to consider:

1. Field of view - think of the view of a parking lot, street or square, for example;

2. Recognition - - verification purposes: that it is possible to recognize family members and friends and above all strangers;

3. Identification - increased detail when properly positioned, such as at eye level, in a display case or next to the doorbell.

Projection of security cameras

What do you need to consider when purchasing a security camera system?

Depending on the intended purpose, the following are some of the camera specifications that could be important for your security camera system:

Audio - it may be necessary to be able to hear what exactly is being said;

Infrared - infrared range of the camera that is required when it is dark;

VCA - Video Content Analyses from movement to facial recognition;

Lens - a fixed lens or varifocal lens, viewing angle ('angle of view') and recognition distance.

horizontal angle of view cctv

Security camera systems in and around the home

For security camera systems in the home or companies, we recommend that you make sure the setup is wired wherever possible. Wireless security camera systems or Wi-Fi security camera systems are not only easier to sabotage but often display a poorer picture quality. Our advice: go to the trouble of installing wires. This will allow you to enjoy high-quality, stable images for a very long time.

Camera security set

From time to time we put together a security camera set consisting of IP cameras equipped with an NVR recorder. These are often popular sets that are sold widely. Acquiring a security camera set is slightly cheaper, but it is important not to let this be the deciding factor. First determine how many cameras you need and for what purpose. You can then start focusing on the details. Do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Legislation concerning outdoor security camera systems

An outdoor IP camera is not something that can just be installed anywhere, it also involves dealing with legislation. The legislation in the Netherlands and Belgium differs from other countries, but the general guidelines are generally the same. Most important is the purpose for which the camera is being installed, and in what type of environment. The law governing security camera systems is closely associated with the privacy law. Individuals who may be filmed must be informed in advance and have the right to view the images. Therefore, it is important to determine the right location, so that nobody is undesirably caught on camera. Always install the camera securely and only for the purpose for which the camera is intended.

Purchasing security camera systems

Our online shop has two brands of cameras on offer. Both are of excellent quality. In addition, we also provide extensive support in order to achieve the perfect image in any lighting condition. Make a choice between Hikvision or UniView. We have over ten years of excellent experience with both brands. Particularly in the last four years, the development of IP security camera systems has improved exponentially, resulting in outstanding image quality for every situation, both indoors and outdoors.

Would you like to know more about security camera systems for your specific situation? Please feel free to contact us. We can also provide you with installation services. Please check out our BLOG for more information: Security Camera System Blog.