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A camera pole is a good tool for securing an outdoor location. This camera attachment ensures that security cameras can be mounted at a height, so that they can observe a larger area. Moreover, this positioning of the camera also ensures that the camera is less likely to be damaged or stolen. A camera pole has various functions: it can have a deterrent and therefore preventive effect on criminals, but it can also be used to identify unauthorized persons on your premises. In addition, the images captured by the cameras from the camera tower can be used as evidence in the event of a crime, accident or vandalism.

Fixed or tiltable camera pole?

Credex Alarm Systems sells both fixed and tilting camera poles. The fixed camera pole is officially known as the cylindrically extending camera pole (CVK). A fixed camera pole is ideal as a carrier for low-maintenance cameras, such as closed-circuit security cameras. This camera pole is sturdy and often has a subtle appearance, which is not an unnecessary luxury when placed in a residential area or near a park. Because the design of a fixed camera pole is less complex than that of the tiltable version, fixed camera masts are cheaper than tiltable ones.

In some cases, however, it is better to opt for a camera pole that can be tilted. The cylindrical tube tiltable camera pole (CKKK) is a camera pole that can be tilted downwards. This type of camera pole is therefore very suitable for the installation of cameras that often require maintenance or for places that are difficult to reach with a cherry picker. Tiltable camera poles are often designed in such a way that they can easily be tilted down by one person.

The pole are cylindrical so that optimum rigidity and stability is guaranteed.

Camera pole parts

The camera poles of Credex Alarm Systems have different parts. Think of the impact cap, prefab concrete stabilization plates, associated brackets, removable anti-climbing protection and terminal blocks with clamps. You can also order these parts and the various camera brackets separately from us.

Buy a camera pole

At Credex Alarm Systems you can buy high-quality camera poles so that you can effectively protect and monitor your site. Not sure which camera pole to buy or what exactly to look out for? Then please contact us and we will be happy to help you find the best camera mast for your situation. p>

The camera poles are used for different purposes:

• Overview of car parks and business parks, bicycle sheds;
• Homes, businesses and shopping centres;
• Ports, airports, stations and risk areas;
• Waterways, locks and bridges;
• Traffic signaling and license plate registration.