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  1. CM4000 Mobeye CM-Guard GSM Alarm

    The Mobeye CM4000 CM-Guard alarm module with two inputs for two external detectors.

    Battery operated (incl) or externally powered (excl).

    - CM400-O has 1 output;
    - CM4000-X  has an outdoor cover (IP66)

    €199.00 €164.46
  2. CM4100 Mobeye PowerGuard GSM Power Failure detector

    The Mobeye CM4100 Powerguard messenger sends an alert in case of power failure, by telephone call and SMS text message.

    Incl. batteries and adapter.

    €212.00 €175.21
  3. CM4600 Mobeye CombiGuard - ShipGuard

    The CM4600 Mobeye CombiGuard combines various sensors and signals for optimal control and monitoring. You will receive telephone notifications upon problems regarding the temperature, water level, battery voltage, potential-free sensors and the power supply. Ideal as boat monitoring.

    • Alarm via call, SMS and e-mail
    • Monitors temperature, water, battery voltage
    • NO / NC imput
    €398.00 €328.93
  4. CML4055 Mobeye CM-Guard TwinLog

    The Mobeye CM-Guard TwinLog measures and stores analogue (battery) voltage values. Minimum and / or maximum limits can be set for analogue values. You can prevent damage by timely intervention.

    Battery powered (incl) or externally powered (excl).

    €278.00 €229.75
  5. CML2015 Mobeye SISTM

    The Mobeye CML2015 SISTM measures and monitors universal sensors in an innovative and unique way. Suitable for standard industrial sensors with an output value of 0-1V, 0-10V, NO, NC or a pulse signal. 

    Battery operated (incl) or externally powered (excl).

    €390.00 €322.31
  6. MS100 Mobeye GSM Measure, Control and Alarm modules

    The CM100 Mobeye GSM Power Failure Detector reports the failure of the external power supply. As soon as the current falls out, the back-up batteries will take over the functions of the power failure detector.

    4 Models:
    • MS100E: powered by 9-32V DC - adapter, optional rechargeable battery
    • MS100EK + keypad: powered by 9-32V DC -adapter, optional rechargeable battery
    • MS100B: powered by 4* CR123 - 9-32V DC or mains adapter
    • MS100BK + keypad: powered by 4* CR123 - 9-32V DC or mains adapter

    €363.00 €300.00
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