Ajax Alarm System

Looking for a modern alarm system with all (technological) conveniences? Then an Ajax alarm system might be something for you. Ajax alarm systems are known for their modern ways of securing. Technical innovations connect effortlessly with a modern design and user-friendliness is particularly important. This combination ensures that Ajax's systems meet the highest quality requirements in terms of security. At Credex Alarm Systems you have an extensive choice from our wide range of Ajax alarm systems and various components. For example, consider an Ajax basic kit, control panels, keypads, detectors and more.

An Ajax security system

An Ajax security system ensures that your home or (commercial) property is optimally protected against burglary and unwanted people. In addition, an Ajax alarm system is so advanced that it also recognizes water damage, flooding and fire. The system contains various sensors for motion detection as well as sirens and smoke detectors. The sensors have also been further developed in such a way that it can also distinguish, for example, the difference between people and (domestic) animals. An Ajax alarm system can be connected to the control room with a subscription, but it is also possible to view it directly on your mobile or tablet without a subscription via the Ajax App. Furthermore, Ajax alarm systems have a battery that lasts up to 7 years. In this way you are assured of a flawless security system in the coming years.

The installation of an Ajax alarm system

An Ajax alarm system is easy and quick to install yourself. Can't figure it out yourself? Then we will of course be happy to help you with that. Because we are a VEB recognized security company, we can provide your alarm system with a quality document recognized by the insurance companies, depending on the desired security level for your home or business premises.

Buy Ajax alarm system?

Want to buy an Ajax alarm system? Then quickly view the complete range of Credex Alarm Systems with all Ajax products. As an Ajax alarm system dealer, we have a suitable solution and security product for every specific security application. Would you like to know more about an Ajax alarm system for your specific situation? Please feel free to contact with us. We will then plan a visit to our DEMO room together with you. Here we can answer any questions and it is also possible to see the Ajax alarm system live in action!


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