Mobeye GSM Alarm

Are you looking for a quality alarm system? Then a Mobeye alarm might be something for you. Mobeye alarm gsm systems are known for their innovative telemetry technologies with a focus on low energy consumption.

The common denominator is clear; remote monitoring. With a simple and reliable device that monitors the situation with simple sensors. That provides insight into the status. And immediately alerts if the situation changes. Remote monitoring ensures that you are aware earlier than you would have been during a scheduled inspection round.

Mobeye GSM alarm with Mobile Sensors

Mobeye is a Dutch manufacturer of mobile GSM alarm products and they use the so-called telemetry - measuring at a distance - technology. Mobeye products are characterized by flexibility in configuration, user-friendliness with extremely low power consumption.

Various Mobeye GSM products

Mobeye makes a wide range of GSM products: burglar protection, alarm detectors, fire detectors, water detectors, access control, temperature detectors and business-specific solutions. The Mobeye products operate in the fields of measuring, logging, controlling and reporting; with innovative GSM / 3G / 4G / LoRa alarm and telemetry technology. Mobeye products have received several important awards over the years.

Mobeye Alarm

Most Mobeye products can be used on battery power. Every product has an integrated communication module. This enables surveillance in places without local infrastructure. As long as there is a telecom mast nearby, you have a reliable product. Read more about the Mobeye SIM card + Mobeye Internet Portal here.

How does a Mobeye alarm system work?

The Mobeye alarm system uses various sensors to detect events. Is something happening in the detection area? You will immediately receive a notification on your phone. In this way you are aware of the situation in the detection area selected by you 24/7. A Mobeye alarm not only detects people, but also water damage and fire can be detected by the Mobeye alarm system. This means you always know what is going on with a Mobeye security system from Credex Alarm Systems.

Applications for Mobeye security

The products are used worldwide in various sectors, including police, the agricultural and medical sector, in building management and industry, by both professional users and consumers:

  • industry
  • care 
  • government
  • building management
  • water sports
  • agro
  • living
  • construction

The Mobeye Research & Development team designs and develops customer-specific products on request.

Mobeye Security in 4 steps

  1. Choose a location or property to secure;
  2. Place the Mobeye device and connect sensors;
  3. Configure the settings and set up contacts;
  4. Remotely track status and receive notifications.

Buy Mobeye?

Want to buy a Mobeye GSM alarm? Or are you curious about the possibilities of a Mobeye security system at your (commercial) building, home or other location? Please contact us without any obligation. Do you have a more general question? Be sure to check out our FAQ in which the most common questions are answered.