Jablotron 100

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* = standard components in a Jablotron 100 BASIC kit.

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Compare the Jablotron 100 control panels

The table below gives a comparison of the control panel features from the Mercury, JA-103 and the JA-107 panel.

With its modular building block structure you are always able to create and configure a flexible system that fits your (changing) needs over time.

JA-103KRY Comparison Control Panels
868 MHz 868MHz Communication protocol 868MHz
31 50 wireless or BUS hardwired zones 230
32 50 Number of users 600
4 8 Number of sections 15
2 32 Number of programmable outputs (PG) 128
0 20 Number of independent calendars 64
8 8 No of users reports to by sms 50
268x225x83 268x225x83 Dimensions in mm 360x300x105
JA-191Y Lite JA-194Y module Build in GSM / GPRS communicator JA-194Y module
Yes Yes Built in LAN communicator Yes
Yes Yes MyJablotron App

Jablotron 100 impressions

The Jablotron JA-100 series ESF

The JABLOTRON 100 alarm flexibly adapts to the security requirements of every house and business. Independent arming of individual zones allows for guarding only selected parts of the premisses as needed. For example, the alarm can guard the garage during the day and the garage plus the ground floor of the house and the garden at night. The alarm misses nothing and always calls for help in time over IP and/or GSM.