DSC PowerSeries NEO

The PowerSeries NEO

PowerSeries Neo redefines security

PowerSeries Neo of DSC redefined burglary protection by combining the flexibility of a modular wired system with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless devices and accessories, resulting in the most comprehensive hybrid system available in today's market.

This new and highly flexible platform utilizes the superior capabilities of PowerG - the leading wireless burglar technology. Innovative alarm verification solutions, along with a very extensive external software, make PowerSeries Neo the perfect first-rate solution for individuals and businesses.

PowerG gives the following average battery lifetime for wireless components: keypad: 2 years, sirens: 8 years, sensors: 4/5 years, remote control: 5 years.

Revolutionary PowerSeries Neo Breakthroughs

The PowerSeries Neo burglaries are the heart of this revolutionary hybrid system. DSC offers four burglaries in the PowerSeries Neo portfolio, ranging in capacity from 16 to 128 zones and two to eight partitions, solutions for the spectrum of installations. Each center starts with six or eight wired inputs, two-four wired outputs and a PSTN dialer on board. The system can be tailored to specific installation with expansion capabilities, features and services. The modular and scalable structure of PowerSeries Neo provides a cost effective, tailored solution for even the demanding installations. It includes a complete line of expansion modules to meet the requirements of today's installations while protecting investment and ensuring growth in the future.

New System Management Software

PowerSeries Neo introduces the most comprehensive software support in the market, specially designed to save security professionals' time and cost savings on system installation and maintenance. The software suite consists of the DLS5 Download Software, Routine System Management for Remote Diagnostics, Inspections and Maintenance, and WebSA System Administrator Software for Professional End User System Management.

Innovative Alarm Verification Solutions Reduce False Alarms

PowerSeries Neo uses innovative, regional-compliant alarm verification solutions such as video authentication, two-way audio verification and sequential detection, incremental costs for false alarms can be greatly reduced while installing RMR. The powerful software allows a precise external evaluation of the on-site situation at an intrusion attempt, fire, or other emergencies. This eliminates unnecessary on-the-spot checks, saving costs and time while alerting potentially dangerous situations to guards.

Flexible Choices Offer Ultimate Peace of Mind

Traditional phone lines are becoming less and more users choose VoIP or mobile phones, PowerSeries Neo offers optional GSM / GPRS and / or IP dialers. In combination with a PowerSeries Neo burglary, alarm reporting paths can be combined over PSTN if desired in combination with GSM / GPRS and / or IP paths. The PowerSeries Neo dialers can easily use the mobile and / or IP network as primary or backup communication path to ensure high speeds, reliable and secure alarm communications. The integrated voters provide security professionals with options for RMR services such as alarm verification, even in cases where no traditional telephone line is present.

Extensive Product Range

PowerSeries Neo offers you a wide range of wireless components and accessories. All components are completely 2-way and equipped with the extremely reliable PowerG technology. Within this range of wireless components there is detection equipment for both inside and outside. Also, motion detectors are pet friendly, with or without microwave, normal or curtain lens.