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  1. Jablotron JA-122E BUS outdoor Card-reader

    The Jablotron JA-122E BUS wired keypad controls door access and has a built-in RFID access card reader.

  2. Jablotron JA-123E BUS outdoor keypad + RFID

    The Jablotron JA-123E RFID card reader and keypad can be used for the activation of a PG output by which you can control access to an area, for example an electric lock or/and unsetting the security system.

  3. Jablotron JA-120N Bus module

    The Jablotron JA-120N module is designed for the power supply and control of electric locks and release systems from the system bus.

    Inclusive: 3 x Eneloop rechargeable battery.

    Size: 90 x 90 x 35 mm

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