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  1. Qolsys IQPanel4 SmartHome Alarm System

    Qolsys IQPanel 4 is a SmartHome alarm systeem. The IQPanel4 is a very powerful all-in-one security and smart home system. 

    €1,077.00 €890.08
  2. Qolsys IQPanel4 SmartHome Alarm System, black

    Qolsys IQPanel4 is a smartHome system, a very powerful all-in-one security and smart home system.

    The panel features a 7-inch Multi Touch touchscreen interface with a user-friendly interface.

    €1,077.00 €890.08
  3. Qolsys IQ Panel 4 Hub, without Camera

    Qolsys IQ Panel 4 Hub with PowerG (868MHz) and Z-wave without camera.

    The IQ 4 Hub is an advanced smart home system. The panel offers support for DSC security sensors.

    €936.00 €773.55
  4. Qolsys IQ Remote White Touchscreen Control Panel

    Qolsys 218101 is a IQ remote white touchscreen control panel. The 218101 is a touchscreen control panel suitable as an addition to the Qolsys PBX. The control panel features an HD 7" touchscreen and is fully wirelessly connectable via Wi-Fi.

    €544.00 €449.59
  5. Qolsys Z-wave Smartlock Cylinder

    Qolsys 218702 is a Z-wave Smartlock Cylinder allowing remote opening of doors.

    €385.00 €318.18
  6. Qolsys Alarm.com Varifocale Turret Camera 4MP (ADC-VC838PF)

    Qolsys 218625 is a alarm.com varifocale turret camera 4MP (ADC-VC838PF).

    The ADC-VC838PF is a PoE turret camera with a motorised varifocal lens that allows users to increase and decrease the camera's remote field of view without losing quality.

    €457.00 €377.69
  7. Qolsys IQ Panel 4 Wifi6 Mesh Router (IQWF6-EU)
    The Qolsys IQPanel4 Wifi6 Mesh router is a state-of-the-art router that supports both IPv4 and IPv6 and has as many as three (3) network partitions enabled.
    €376.00 €310.74
  8. Qolsys Mounting Bracket, White
    Qolsys connection box for dome cameras, for indoor and outdoor use, load capacity 1kg, white
    €24.50 €20.25
  9. Qolsys IQPanel4 Desktop Stand, White
    Qolsys IQPanel4 desktop stand, white. The 218065 allows the IQPanel4 to be placed anywhere in the house.
    €71.00 €58.68
  10. Qolsys IQPanel4 Desktop Stand, Black
    Qolsys IQPanel4 desktop stand, black. The 218066 allows the IQPanel4 to be placed anywhere in the house.
    €71.00 €58.68
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