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  1. Jablotron JA-80L wireless internal siren

    The Jablotron JA-80L is a mains-powered (230V AC) siren which sounds an alarm and indicates exit- and entrance delays.

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  2. Jablotron JA-80A wireless outdoor Siren

    The Jablotron JA-80A is a completely wire-free siren in a solid housing.

    Optional is the BAT-80A Saft

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  3. Jablotron OS-365A wired outdoor siren

    The Jablotron OS-365A is a wired outdoor backup siren combining a loud magneto-dynamic horn siren siren with a flashing light.

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    €125.00 €103.31
  4. Jablotron BAT-80A SAFT outdoor siren Battery

    Battery for the outdoor siren JA-80A and the JA-180A, estimated lifetime is 5 years. Lithium battery, 6V, 11 Ah.

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