Jablotron JK-107KRY PLUS: GSM+LAN wireless Alarm Kit

Jablotron JK-107KRY PLUS: GSM+LAN wireless Alarm Kit 1 5 5 1

The Jablotron JK-107KRY PLUS an excellent kit including radio module (R), 4G GSM (Y) and LAN.

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Jablotron JK-107KRY PLUS: GSM+LAN wireless Alarm Kit 

The JK-107KRY kit offers flexible setting and allows easy protection for small premises, bigger family houses, offices and companies. It is equipped with a JA-111R radio module. The desired settings programmed by F-link SW.

Jablotron 107KRY GSM + LAN PLUS kit contains

JA-107KRY - 2G control panel, check the link JA-107KR for more information (size 36 x 30 x 10,5 cm);
JA-154E - wireless keypad, check the link JA-154E for more information;
JA-192E - 2x control segment, check the link JA-192E for more information;
JA-192J - 2x key tag, check the link JA-192J for more information;
JA-150A II - wireless indoor siren, check the link JA-150A II for more information;
JA-163A - wireless outdoor siren, check the link JA-163A for more information;
JA-150P - wireless movement detector (PIR), check the link JA-150P for more information;
JA-180PB - wireless PIR with glasbreak detection, check the link JA-180PB for more information;
JA-JA-151M - 3x wireless door/window contact, check the link JA-183M or JA-151M for more information;
JA-192J - 2x key-tag - check the link JA-192J for more information;
SA-214 - battery, check the link SA-214 for more information.

The JA-107KRY offers:

      • up to 230 wireless or BUS hardwired zones
      • up to 600 user codes
      • up to 15 sections
      • up to 128 programmable outputs
      • 64 independent calendars
      • system reports to 50 users by SMS
      • 5 ARC settings
      • 5 selectable reports to ARC
      • LAN module

The panel has a built-in GSM / GPRS / LAN Messenger, which allows voice, SMS or GPRS communication with end users or ARC centers. It is equipped with a 1 GB memory card for storing event data, voice messages, storing images, etc.

The JA-107KRY control unit includes:

      • 2 x BUS terminal
      • 1 x terminal for the built-in radio module (JA-111R - included)
      • 1 x terminal for the built-in 4G GSM module (JA-194Y - included)
      • 1 connector for the LAN router

ncp insert certifications

Compare the 107KRY with the 103KRY control panel

Comparison control panels of the JA-100 alarm system
868 MHz  Communication protocol 868 MHz
230 Number of wireless or BUS hardwired zones 50
600 Number of user codes 50
15 Number of sections 8
128   Number of programmable outputs 32
64 Number of independant calenders / timers 20
50 Number of users system reports to by sms 8
360 x 300 x 105 mm Dimensions 258 x 214 x 77 mm
4G GSM / GPRS communicator 4G
yes Built in LAN communicator yes
yes (MyJablotron) App + internet (Web-Self-Service) yes
Private / Business
Private / Business

Specifications 107K Control Panel

Power 230 V / 50 Hz, 0.2 A max, Class II
Backup battery 12V, 18Ah (7 to 35Ah) - not included
Maximum time to recharge the battery 72 hours
Max permanent current from the CP 1.2 A
Max continuous load with 12 hour backup 1.2 A with battery 18Ah
Max number of devices 120
LAN communicator Ethernet interface
Power supply Type A (EN 50131-6)
GSM QUAD-BAND communicator 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Operating frequency (with JA-110R) 868 MHz ISM band
Alarm code blocking after 10 incorrect code entries
Event memory recent events including date and time
Security level 2 according to EN50131-1, EN 50131-3, EN 50131-6, EN 50131-5-3
Environment class II. internal (-10 to +40 ° C), EN 50131-1
Radio emissions ETSI EN 300220 (R module), ETSI EN 301 419-1, EN 301 511
EMC EN 50130-4, EN 55022, ETSI EN 301 489-7
Safety EN 60950-1
Operating conditions ERC REC 70-03
Caller ID (CLIP) ETSI EN 300 089

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JK-107KR Kit
25 May 2023
Very decent build quality and quality components in this control panel. Me self working with electronics development, i can easily see the great build quality of the device. Personally i like that the system is open for me to configure and so far i have found many interesting options for configuring sensors and programmable outputs to work together in quite complex manners. The idea to have the possibility to do home automation in this unit is just brilliant. Hopefully there will be new sensors like standard 4-20 mA analog inputs in the future. And maybe some multichannel PG outputs. At this point while installing the system i already know this is going to be superb! Support from Credex is excellent. Price is not bad for the control panel, but some of the sensors are quite pricy. Carl
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