Jablotron 100

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Jablotron 100 alarm system overview

Jablotron wireless smoke and temperature detector Read the Jablotron reviews jablotron 100 basic alarm kits Jablotron IP Cameras Jablotron JB-EXT-TH-R Jablotron JA-151TH wireless temperature sensor JA-150P motion detector JA-151P-WW / WG motion detector JA-180W motion and radar detector JA-180PB motion and glass-break detector JA-186P motion detector with superior pet immunity JA-160PC motion detector with camera Jablotron JA-180B Jablotron JA-182M wireless magnetic window/door-detector JA-150M wireless magnet detector + 2 wired inputs Jablotron JA-181M wireless magnetic door detector Jablotron JA-151M wireless mini magnetic door detector Jablotron JA-183M compact door detector Jablotron JA-82SH wireless shock and tilt detector Jablotron Ei208WD Stand-alone CO Carbon Monoxide detector Jablotron Thermostats Jablotron JA-152A wireless indoor siren Jablotron JA-162A wireless indoor siren Jablotron JA-150A wireless internal siren Jablotron JA-163A wireless outdoor siren Jablotron BAT-100A Battery Jablotron access control units Jablotron JA-189J wireless doorbell button Jablotron JA-188J wireless wall button Jablotron JA-152E wireless keypad with RFID Jablotron JA-153E wireless keypad with RFID Jablotron JA-154E wireless keypad with LCD and RFID Jablotron JA-192E control segment for access modules Jablotron Domotica Module - JA-118N Jablotron 100 series control panels Jablotron wireless relay modules Jablotron integration modules Jablotron JA-185B mini-size wireless glass-break detector Jablotron JA-185 PIR Jablotron JA-SmartHub for Home Automation Jablotron JA-110F Flood detector Jablotron JA-110Z BUS modules Jablotron JA-154J wireless Remote Control Jablotron JA-182J remote control Jablotron JA-186 Access key tags for the 100 series Jablotron CC-01/2/3 installation cable Jablotron JA-157P wireless outdoor PIR detector Jablotron JA-158P wireless outdoor PIR detector (dual zone) Jablotron JA-159P wireless outdoor PIR detector (dual zone)

* = standard components in a Jablotron 100 BASIC kit.

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Compare the Jablotron 100 control panels

The table below gives a comparison of the control panel features from the JA-101, JA-103 and the JA-106, JA-107 panel. With its modular building block structure you are always able to create and configure a flexible system that fits your (changing) needs over time.

JA-103KRY Comparison Control Panels
JA-106KR JA-107KRY
868 MHz 868MHz Communication protocol 868 MHz 868MHz
50 50 wireless or BUS hardwired zones 120 230
50 50 Number of user codes 300 600
8 8 Number of sections 15 15
16 32
Number of programmable outputs (PG) 32 128
20 20 Number of independant calenders 20 64
8 8 No of users system reports to by sms 30 50
268x225x80 268x225x80 Dimensions in mm 360x300x105 360x300x105
Yes Yes Build in GSM / GPRS communicator Yes Yes
Yes Yes Built in LAN communicator Yes Yes
Yes Yes MyJablotron App (Web-Self-Service) Yes Yes

Jablotron 100 impressions

The Jablotron JA-100 series ESF

The JABLOTRON 100 alarm flexibly adapts to the security requirements of every house and business. Independent arming of individual zones allows for guarding only selected parts of the premisses as needed. For example, the alarm can guard the garage during the day and the garage plus the ground floor of the house and the garden at night. The alarm misses nothing and always calls for help in time over IP and/or GSM.

jablotron ja-100 alarm system