MS100 Mobeye GSM Measure, Control and Alarm modules

The CM100 Mobeye GSM Power Failure Detector reports the failure of the external power supply. As soon as the current falls out, the back-up batteries will take over the functions of the power failure detector.

4 Models:
• MS100E: powered by 9-32V DC - adapter, optional rechargeable battery
• MS100EK + keypad: powered by 9-32V DC -adapter, optional rechargeable battery
• MS100B: powered by 4* CR123 - 9-32V DC or mains adapter
• MS100BK + keypad: powered by 4* CR123 - 9-32V DC or mains adapter

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Powerful telemetry modules in four models with internal GSM module, digital inputs, relay outputs and a multitude of settings. Build your own alarm module with sensors, devices and alarms.

Activated inputs trigger an alarm. The output relays can be switched after an alarm, or remotely by an incoming call or SMS. It is a user option to switch the relays completely or only during a pulse time. The built-in GSM module calls and sends SMS messages to the contact persons (max. 5).

External power or ‘low power’ operation

The MS100E and MS100EK operate at 9-32 VDC power, with optional a rechargeable battery pack. Upon failure of power, the GSM module remains open and remote operation possible.The MS100B and MS100BK are designed for continuous use on batteries. With only battery power they monitor the inputs and to notify in case of an alarm condition; remote control is not possible in this low power mode.

MS100 models

• MS100E:   powered by 9-32VDC or mains adapter, option for rechargeable battery 
• MS100EK: powered by 9-32VDC or mains adapter, option for rechargeable battery, keypad 
• MS100B:   powered by 4*CR123, option for 9-32VDC or mains adapter 
• MS100BK: powered by 4*CR123, option for 9-32VDC or mains adapter, keypad

Flexible action and reaction patterns

The behaviour of the Mobeye telemetry modules is programmable via the keypad or using simple SMS commands. By adjusting the action-reaction patterns, the behaviour of the inputs, outputs and the GSM unit is flexible can be set up according to your preferences.


• input type (NO/NC), free texts per alarm input, delay times 
• inactive time after an alarm, alarm repeat times 
• choice between calls and/or SMS after an alarm 
• behaviour and pulse time of outputs 
• authorising numbers for switching the outputs 
• time-based actions, interval for test reports

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Product Questions

Is it possible for Belgians to easily register the SIM card that you provide? When does the paid subscription start, what are the costs involved and can I immediately order it online?
Question by: Frank on Oct 25, 2023, 4:44 PM
The SIM/portal service for Mobeye applies throughout Europe (and partly beyond). Registration is simple and takes place online, the SIM contract only starts on the day of online registration, even if payment has been made in advance. The costs are €4.00 excl. VAT per month, to be settled once a year. A clear manual is included; If there are any problems with the set-up, Mobeye will provide support by telephone.

A SIM is included as standard with the product. Payment can be made directly to Mobeye.

Best regards
Answer by: Frank Ligthart (Admin) on Oct 25, 2023, 5:03 PM