CML2055 Mobeye CM-Guard TwinLog

The Mobeye CM-Guard TwinLog measures and stores analogue values such as battery voltage. Minimum and / or maximum limits can be set for analogue values.

Battery powered (incl) or externally powered (excl).

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CML2055 Mobeye: Logging, Alerting and Reporting

To log, alarm and report with the Mobeye CM-Guard TwinLog. By measuring two analog values, the CML2055 monitors the alarm limits and logs the measured values periodically. With display in the online portal.

Logging, alarming and reporting of analog values

Compact measuring and alarm instrument for monitoring analog values and recording the voltage trend. The values for the lower and/or upper limits are adjustable. In case of deviations you will receive an alarm message. In addition, the Mobeye CM-Guard TwinLog (CML2055) logs the measured values and periodically sends them to the web portal. There the values are visible in graph and table form and available as a download file.

Monitoring voltage values

The Mobeye CM-Guard TwinLog is suitable for measuring voltages between 0 and 48 volts, with peaks up to 60 volts. This makes the CML2055 ideal for monitoring a battery voltage. If a battery is discharged too deeply, or if it reaches too high a voltage, it often becomes defective. By setting an alarm limit, timely action can be taken. In addition, it can switch off a battery via the (open collector) output.

Alarm on limit values

When a set limit value is reached, the Mobeye CM-Guard TwinLog will notify set contacts via call (max. 5 numbers), SMS and/or e-mail. The recipient can “acknowledge” a call, so that the other numbers are no longer called. The current voltage is shown in the text messages.

Logging of voltage values

For a complete voltage curve in graph form, use the Mobeye Internet Portal. The CML2055 sends the measured values to the portal with an adjustable log frequency and data transfer frequency. At a glance you will see the voltage development, which shows the vitality and use of the battery.

No power on site?

If you do not have power available for the power supply of the Mobeye CombiGuard TwinLog, it can operate on its internal batteries. The (battery) voltage is then only measured. In normal use, the CML2055 can run on batteries for more than a year.

Alarm on power failure

If an external power supply source is available, we recommend to connect it (with the 12VDC adapter). The device can then be accessed online, will serve as power outage alarm and the batteries last longer.

Reliable and comprehensible

  • Alarm via call, SMS and e-mail
  • Graph with values in the online portal
  • Adjustable alarm limits: 0-48 volts
  • Two inputs for analog or NO/NC signals
  • Adjustable log and transfer interval
  • Power failure monitoring (at ext. voltage)
  • Open collector output
  • Audible alarm indication on site
  • Full insight when connected to Mobeye Portal
  • User-friendly in set-up and use

To log the analogue values, first register the CML2055 in the Mobeye Internet Portal. With a self-selected frequency, the values are logged and stored in the internal memory. A self-defined data transmission interval can be set for the data transmission to the Mobeye Internet Portal.


The unit is extremely efficient in energy consumption. It can operate on battery power or external power. With external power, you can opt for power saving mode (GSM module is in power saving mode and only switches on to report or synchronise data) or for the mode so that the GSM is always open and the unit can be addressed remotely.


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