CM4100 Mobeye PowerGuard GSM Power Failure detector

The Mobeye CM4100 Powerguard messenger sends an alert in case of power failure, by telephone call and SMS text message.

Incl. batteries and adapter.

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CM4100 Mobeye PowerGuard GSM Power Failure detector

Power failure detector with additional NO/NC alarm inputs

The Mobeye PowerGuard (CM4100) is a compact power failure detector that monitors the presence of external voltage. In addition, the alarm dialer has two NO/NC inputs for potential-free sensors. The contacts are informed via push message/call/sms/email. The voltage is monitored by plugging the adapter (supplied) into the wall socket. Alternatively, a 12-24V DC regulated voltage source can be connected. In the event of a power failure, backup batteries take over the functions. The detector then operates in "low-power mode" to conserve the batteries. Alarm messages and test messages are still sent. The device has two additional potential-free inputs. By connecting devices or external sensors, these are also monitored. Various settings, such as alarm delays, own alarm texts and recovery messages, are easy to program.

The Mobeye PowerGuard provides security in countless situations where the power supply and operation of devices and infrastructure are vital. Examples are cooling systems, ATMs, servers, switching and control systems, etc.
Alarm reporting and extra security

A Mobeye (M2M) SIM card is included for communication. This inexpensive "multi-provider" SIM card provides the connection to the 4G LTE-M network (with 2G as fallback). The 4G LTE-M network is very reliable; has good accessibility in buildings and remote locations and is energy efficient. The SIM card also gives access to the Mobeye Internet Portal and push app for optimal user convenience, security and online programming. The Mobeye CM4100 SIM card that can be activated online costs EUR 4.00 per month (excl. VAT, flat fee). Optionally, your own (micro) SIM card can be used. The device then works (only) with 2G and without a portal/app. The alarm messages are sent via text message and telephone call to (max.) 5 telephone numbers. Programming is done via (simple) SMS commands.

Reliable and understandable

  • Alarm by call, SMS and email
  • Power Failure Monitoring
  • Two additional alarm inputs, selectable as “normally open” or “normally closed”
  • Full insight into device when connected to Mobeye Internet Portal
  • Easy to program to use

PowerGuard CM4100 communication

The PowerGuard CM2100 responds by sending alarm and status messages to the programmed 06 numbers in the form of short SMS messages. Alarm messages are sent to all programmed 06 numbers, status messages only to the administrator's phone.

Alarms are sent when:

  • The mains power fails: 'Power failure' (or your own text);
  • The mains voltage is restored: 'Power restored' (or own text);
  • Input 1 is activated: 'Alarm 1' (or own text);
  • Input 2 is activated: 'Alarm 2' (or own text).

Status messages are sent when:

  • the battery voltage becomes too low;
  • previous messages could not be sent.

Technical data - PowerGuard CM4100

  • 1x 12-24V DC input for connecting the adapter or external voltage source
  • 2x NO/NC inputs (potential-free)
  • battery life: > 1 year (battery powered) or > 3 years (external voltage)
  • 4G LTE-M/2G communication module
  • Mobeye Internet Portal and push app provide extra functions and security
  • Alarm notifications via push message, call, SMS, email and/or control room
  • Alarm notification as group message or one after the other (with intermediate confirmation and escalation plan)
  • Power failure alarm (and recovery message)
  • Alarm with activated input (and possible alarm recovery)
  • Low battery warning
  • Warning in the absence of a "keep-alive" test message (without portal: test message via SMS)
  • Developed and produced in the Netherlands

Package Size - PowerGuard CM4100

The PowerGuard package (CM2100) consists of:
1 x CM Mobeye GSM telemetry module in plastic housing
2 x CR123 3V lithium battery
1 x mains power supply, 12 V
1 x Mobeye SIM card, optional to use

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Product Questions

Is it possible for Belgians to easily register the SIM card that you provide? When does the paid subscription start, what are the costs involved and can I immediately order it online?
Question by: Frank on Oct 25, 2023, 4:44 PM
The SIM/portal service for Mobeye applies throughout Europe (and partly beyond). Registration is simple and takes place online, the SIM contract only starts on the day of online registration, even if payment has been made in advance. The costs are €4.00 excl. VAT per month, to be settled once a year. A clear manual is included; If there are any problems with the set-up, Mobeye will provide support by telephone.

A SIM is included as standard with the product. Payment can be made directly to Mobeye.

Best regards
Answer by: Frank Ligthart (Admin) on Oct 25, 2023, 5:03 PM