Jablotron JA-152J MS II Bi-directional 2-button Remote Control

The Jablotron JA-152J remote control is designed to remotely control setting/unsetting, trigger panic alarms, and control other appliances for multiple control panels.

Confirmation of the execution of a command through optical and acoustic feedback.

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JA-152J MS II Bi-directional four-button keyfob

The MultiSystem remote control provides remote control of the security system, plus various electrical devices, or triggers an emergency alarm. Confirmation of the execution of an order is given by means of optical and acoustic feedback.

The remote control can also be enrolled to a multi-functional relay of the AC-16x type to control the relay in accordance with the selected mode.

  • The control is equipped with both optical and acoustic indication of the execution of a  command.
  • The control can be enrolled to multiple systems or multi-functional relays.
  • It checks the status of its battery and indicates its being empty.
  • If a key is pressed and held continuously, an activation is sent every second. This function can be used e.g. to extend the impulse of a PG output (e.g. the gradual closing of roller blinds).
  • The sound of the keys can be switched off.
  • The key lock function.
  • Extended settings for double pressing the keys.
  • The control is a device of the JABLOTRON 100 system, is addressable and occupies one position in the system.

Specifications JA-152J-MS II

Compatible with FW of the LJ(MD)60416+ control panel; F-Link 1.4.0+
Power supply Lithium battery type CR 2032 (3.0 V / 0.2 A), C type power supply in accordance with EN 50131-6
Typical service life of the battery approx. 2 years (10 activations / day)
Communication frequency 868.1 MHz
Communication range about 300 meters (line of sight)
Dimensions 63 mm x 36 mm x 15 mm
Classification security level 2, ACE type B, in accordance with: EN 50131-1, EN 50131-3, T031
Environment II. indoor, general (in accordance with EN 50131-1)
Operating temperature range -10 °C to +40 °C
It also meets the requirements of ETSI EN 300 220, EN 50130-4, EN 55022, EN 60950-1
Operation conditions ERC REC 70-03

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