Incl. VAT or Excl. VAT

Unless specified otherwise, all prices displayed in our webshop are shown inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax).

VAT is a tax that is required to be paid by consumers living within the European Union (EU).

Union scheme - One Stop Shop

For private persons within the EU, the local VAT rate is applied, ie of the relevant country.

VAT Exemption

If you are a company based in a European Union member country and you have entered a valid Intracom VAT number, NO VAT will be applied and prices are exclusive VAT.

VAT outside Europe

If you - company or private person - do not live in a European Union member country, you DO NOT have to pay VAT.

When proceeding to checkout, VAT prices will automatically be shown and applied exclusive VAT, not depending on your country of origin and/or VAT status criteria.