Conas ML1801 Electomagnet surface-mounted, 180Kg

The Conas ML1801 is an electromagnetic lock for indoor access control.

 • Magnet: 170 x 41.4 x 20.5mm
 • Steel Plate: 130 x 33 x 9.3mm
 • Led Indication: No
 • Status Output: No
 • Weather-Resistant: No
 • Voltage: 12V (300mA) / 24V (150mA)
 • Holding Force: 180Kg

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Surface-mounted electromagnet for inside, 180kg

The ML1801 is an electric magnet with a tensile force of 180 kg. The magnet must be mounted on a frame. The connection can be both 12V DC and 24V DC. The magnet is active during voltage.

The ML1801 consists of a magnet of 170 x 41.4 x 20.5 mm (L x W x H), with a steel plate that needs to be attached to the door. The steel plate has the following dimensions: 130 x 33 x 9.3mm. The plate is beautifully finished and can easily be mounted by means of the accompanying manual and drilling template.

Various L, ZL and UL brackets are available for the ML1801. This makes it possible to attach the magnet to the doors that open, glass doors and narrow intermediate doors.

Specifications ML1801

  • Magnet: 170 x 41.4 x 20.5mm
  • Steel Plate: 130 x 33 x 9.3mm
  • Led Indication: No
  • Status Output: No
  • Weather-Resistant: No
  • Voltage: 12V (300mA) / 24V (150mA)
  • Holding Force: 180Kg

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