Conas ML5001L Electromagnet surface-mount, 500Kg + LED

The Conas ML5001L is an electronic magnet with a maximum tensile force of 500kg. Electromagnet ML-5001L
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The ML5001L is an electromagnetic lock with a holding force of 500kg. The magnet should be mounted on a frame The connection can be either 12V DC or 24V AC. When the voltage is on the magnet, it is active. On the front side there is a LED which shows the status of the magnet. When the magnet is active and closed, it shows yellow / green. When the door is open/unlocked, the red LED will be shown.

The ML5001L is composed of a magnet of 265 x 71.8 x 38.8mm (L x W x H), accompanied by a steel plate. The steel plate has the following dimensions: 185 x 60 x 13mm. The plate is beautifully finished and can be mounted easily by means of the attached instructions and template.

For the various L and ML5001L, ZLbeugels are available. This makes it possible to attach to the inside patio doors and narrow doors.