IP versus Analog CCTV...

What should I take: Digital IP or Analog CCTV? IP cameras can generate better image quality, are easy to install and always expandable, however analog cameras are more efficient, have lower price and are reliable. Both types of cameras have their pros and cons, it's all about the right camera in the right place. 

For a good understanding and therefore a good choice for a security camera, a brief explanation of the difference between Analog cameras and IP cameras.

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Jablotron 100 + Fibaro Connection

Connecting Jablotron 100 with Fibaro, Z-Wave protocol.

Jablotron 100 connection with Fibaro, Z-Wave protocolWhat is home automation? In short: it is a clever integration of technology and services, to control your home devices for a better quality of life. A home automation system uses a variety of sensors and actors. A sensor makes an observation and can control one or more actors. Actors make a circuit or send out a signal.

Home automation is a step toward what is referred to as the "Internet of Things," in which everything has an assigned IP address, and can be monitored and accessed remotely.

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Jablotron History

BBC News interview with CEO Jablotron Mr. D. Dedek

There are times in life when the stars align to create the perfect business opportunity. For Dalibor Dedek, chief executive of Czech alarm and security company Jablotron, that moment came in January 1990.

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