Jablotron JA-82T - USB computer interface cable

The Jablotron JA-82T is an interface between PC's and Oasis control panels, offers driver-less installation for the OLink software.

Easier to use than the older JA-80T without driver for your pc.

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Jablotron JA-82T

Jablotron OASiS control panels can be connected to a computer running OLink software via the JA-82T interface cable. Connect the digital line bus connector to the RJ-4 connector in the control panel. Then connect the USB connector to any free USB port on the computer. The interface uses the HID standard – no driver installation is  needed.

The circuits are opto-isolated as a prevention of disturbing signals between the control panel and PC. The interface allows direct text transfer from OLink to the JA-81F wireless keypad (not to the JA-80F).

Possible extension of the cables:

USB - using a standard USB cable the length can be extended to up to 5 meters.
RJ connector – the CT-04 cable can be used for a cable length of up to 10 m.
Using twisted cable the maximum length can be up to 100 meters. The two pins in the middle of the RJ connector (data) should be connected to one pair on the twisted cable. The other pair of the twisted cable should be connected to the outer pins of the RJ connector (power supply).

Specifications JA-82T

  • Connectors (PC, control panel): USB and RJ-4
  • External power supply: Not required
  • Compatibility: all OASiS systems
  • Software: OLink version 1.0.2 and higher
  • EMC EN50130-4, EN 55002

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Product Questions

Is there any diference between JA-80T and JA-82. What should be used for the 63-series?
Question by: Kjell on Feb 14, 2014, 2:22 PM
The JA-82T has a driver built in the unit, no drivers need to be installed first.

For the JA-80T this needs to be installed seperately on the computer. For both OASiS and the Profi 63 series you can use the JA-80T.

Answer by: Frank Ligthart on Feb 14, 2014, 2:22 PM