Jablotron JA-63KRG control panel

The Jablotron JA-63KRG is a fully programmable control panel with GSM and building block architecture. JA63KRG
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The JA-63KRG is a fully programmable control panel with building block architecture. By programming, it can be split into two separately operated sections (with a shared section). It has a built in power supply and there is ample space for a back up battery (12V, 1.3Ah or 2.6Ah) in the control panel case. The JA-63K main board has 4 hard-wired inputs with programmable triggering (NC, balanced or double balanced) and programmable reactions.

Model JA-63KR (equipped with the "R" radio communicating module) has 16 wireless zones. Up to two JA-60 detectors can enrolled into each zone (totally 32 as a maximum). In total model 63KR has 20 zones (4 wired and 16 wireless). Up to 8 wireless controllers (remote controls or wireless keypads), a JA-60A wireless siren and unlimited number of UC family wireless output modules can be enrolled as well. If more zones are required, another JA-6x control panel can be enrolled as a subsystem (master & slave architecture). The master control panel receives information from the sub control panel and it can also arm and disarm the subsystem panel.

The JA-60GSM module enables:
* automatic sending of an event text message to up to 8 mobile phones, dialing of programmed telephone numbers and playing of an audible warning signal;
* remote control and programming of the alarm system via SMS instruction messages from a mobile phone;
* remote control and programming of the alarm system using a telephone set keypad (mobile or land line);
* remote control of an appliance in the house (heating system etc.) via a telephone (mobile or land line)
* phone calls using a telephone set attached to the dialer module (via the GSM network);
* programming and remote supervision of the alarm system via Jablotron's website www.GSMLink.cz;
* data transfer to one or two Central Monitoring Stations (CMS).

JA 60GSM InstallationManual
JA 60GSM InstallationManual (177.34 KB) Download
JA 60GSM UserManual
JA 60GSM UserManual (276.81 KB) Download
JA 63 Profi InstallationManual
JA 63 Profi InstallationManual (895.89 KB) Download
JA 63 Profi UserManual
JA 63 Profi UserManual (397.86 KB) Download