Hikvision DS-KAD706 Intercom Power Supply

The Hikvision 2-wire Video / Audio Distributor can be used to provide power and data to the indoor and outdoor stations.

Exclusive 24V DC power adapter.

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  • 6 two-wire cascade interfaces, including 1 interface (max. 16 W) used for connecting door station
  • 2 cascade interfaces used for cascading DS-KAD706 and DS-KAD706-S
  • 8 interface indicators used for displaying network status of interfaces

Specifications DS-KAD706

Device Interfaces
Signal indicator: 8 signal indicators for indicating 6-ch input and output signal
Reset: 1
2-Wire interface: 6-ch for device power supply, including 1-ch for door station power supply with Max. output power 20 W
Power indicator: 1
Network Interface: 1, RJ45 (1-ch reserved terminal and 1 for WAN access)
Power Supply: 24 VDC
Power Consumption: < 4 W
Working Humidity: 0% to 90%
Working Temperature: -10° C to + 55° C (14° F to 131° F)
Datasheet DS-KAD706.pdf
Datasheet DS-KAD706.pdf (2.06 MB) Download
KAD706 Installation Manual.PDF
KAD706 Installation Manual.PDF (556.83 KB) Download