Ajax Alarm System

The Ajax Alarm system

There are still quite a few disadvantages to this new system, the concept seems nice. A list:

  •      Working only on IOS or Android;
  •      Battery drainer on your mobile;
  •      Does not work with a prepaid card;
  •      High price;
  •      Limited amount of sensors in the basic kit;
  •      Not very customizable, what you see in settings is what you get;
  •      Configuration options very limited;
  •      Many 'teething problems';
  •      Batteries sometimes need replacing after 1.5 years.

Reaction customers:

  •      Unfortunately proved unreliable;
  •      Many wrong reports;
  •      Unfortunately, poorly worked out concept;
  •      After 2 months return supplier;
  •      Reports unclear and difficult to configure;
  •      Support in Ukraine with very poor English proficiency.

We therefore advise you not to opt for Ajax. We have stopped selling this brand.