Jablotron JA-82KRY GSM control panel

The Jablotron JA-82KRY is a wireless configuration of the OASiS JA-82K control panel and communicates via GSM.


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The JA-82KRY is a configuration of the JA-82K control panel with the following modules:
> JA-82R - a radio module, providing 50 wireless inputs (addresses). This module makes it possible that up to 50 wireless devices of the JA-8x can be enrolled;
> JA-82Y - the new GSM communicator which allows alarm reporting, ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) communication via GSM and remote access via a phone keypad or via the OLinks software.

There is space for a 12V, 2.2 Ah back-up battery, not included.

ETM TESTMAGAZIN 2011 07 Oasis Testsieger
ETM TESTMAGAZIN 2011 07 Oasis Testsieger (989.09 KB) Download
JA 82K Installation Manual
JA 82K Installation Manual (640.87 KB) Download
Brochure Oasis 80 English
Brochure Oasis 80 English (1.83 MB) Download
JA 82K User Manual
JA 82K User Manual (274.37 KB) Download
82Y Installation Manual
82Y Installation Manual (318.81 KB) Download
82Y User Manual
82Y User Manual (243.85 KB) Download
OLink 2.0.5 setup
OLink 2.0.5 setup (1.46 MB) Download