Jablotron JA-80L wireless internal siren

The Jablotron JA-80L is a mains-powered (230V AC) siren which sounds an alarm and indicates exit- and entrance delays.

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The JA-80L is a mains-powered (230V AC) siren which sounds an alarm and indicates exit & entrance delays. If disconnected from the power while it sounds an alarm, it reports tampering to the system (i.e. intruder verification). Can also be used as a doorbell and as acoustic indication of detector triggering. Its indicator function is programmable. The siren can be enrolled to the control panel and also wireless detectors, RC controllers, wireless keypad inputs and the JA-80H door bell button can be enrolled to it to generate the desired sound.

Posible uses:
- An indoor alarm siren;
- A wireless door bell;
- A detector-triggered chime;
- A sounder for entrance and exit delay beeps;
- Thief verification.

The siren is mains-powered and communicates via OASIS wireless protocol. It can form part of an alarm system or be used as a stand-alone device. When used as part of an alarm system, it sounds when an intruder alarm has been triggered and confirms the actual presence of an intruder in the building by sending a tamper signal when it gets unplugged.

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The internal siren is not functional when using the remote control of the Jablotron alarms oasis system. How do i proceed to reset it.

Question by: gibraltar on Mar 20, 2011, 4:22 PM
Hi Gibraltar,

Here is some information concerning resetting the JA-80L:

All enrolled devices can be deleted as follows:
1. Unplug the siren from the mains socket.
2. Press and hold the siren button while plugging in the siren again.
3. Keep the button pressed until two beeps are heard which confirm a reset.
4. The indicator keeps flashing (device enrollment mode).
5. To exit enrollment mode, press the siren button (indicator turns off).

If the indicator fails to flash after the two reset beeps, it means that the siren is within radio range of the control panel to which it has been previously enrolled. In such a case, all devices previously enrolled to the siren have been deleted except for the control panel. If you deliberately do not want to use the siren with the control panel anymore, it must first be deleted in the control panel before
resetting the siren (in control panel enrollment mode select the siren’s address and press and hold key 2 on the system keypad to delete the siren).

Check also the JA-80L manual.

Answer by: Support Team on Mar 20, 2011, 4:22 PM
JA-80L Manual EN
JA-80L Manual EN (69.56 KB) Download