Conas ELSTR10-NO Long Electric Strike + Lock hole , Fail-Safe

Conas Long electric door opener, normally open.

Size: 250 x 32 x 36 mm (L x W x H)

Door position signalling: YES (open or closed)

ELSTR10-NO (Normally Open)

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Conas ELSTR10-NO Electric Strike, Normally Open

The ELSTR10 is a long electronic door opener with a N.O./ Fail-Safe configuration. The front plate contains a recess for a standard night-lock.

Specifications ELSTR10-NO

- Front panel dimensions: 250 x 32 x 36 mm (L x W x H)
- Power supply: 12V DC
- Type: fail-safe / N.O.
- Colour: Grey
- With: Door position signalling (open or closed)

ELSTR10 User Manual.pdf
ELSTR10 User Manual.pdf (517.63 KB) Download