Notifier Agile Wireless Manual Call Point

The Notifier NRX-WCP is a wireless manual call point from the Agile range of wireless Notifier equipment.

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Notifier NRX-WCP Agile Wireless Manual Call Point

The NRX-WCP is a wireless red manual detector from Notifier. The detector is integrated in an analog fire alarm system. This means that a local alarm can be triggered instead of the entire system going into alarm. The hand detector is equipped with a flexible glass element. This means that the glass does not need to be replaced after the manual detector has been pressed. For extra protection, to prevent false alarms, an extra cover can be purchased. The NRX-WCP is equipped with an LED indicator and is weatherproof according to IP67.

Wireless components

The wireless components in the Agile series are suitable for analog fire alarm systems. In order to install them wirelessly, the NRX-USB and NRX-GATE are required. The addressing can be set via the two rotary switches on the back.

Specifications NRX-WCP

  • Install wirelessly
  • Equipped with flexible glass element
  • Equipped with built-in insulator
  • Weatherproof according to IP67
  • Supplied with weatherproof base IP67
  • Up to 500 meters wireless range in open field
  • Dimensions: 94 x 99 x 71 mm
  • Weight: 251 grams
  • Complies with EN54-25 and EN54-11.
Agile Wireless Fire Detection_DS_EN_june20.pdf
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