Notifier Agile USB for wireless components

USB Interface for Radio Frequency PCs for use with Agile-IQ PC Configuration-Maintenance and Testing Software.

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Notifier Agile USB Dongle RF 868 MHz Notifier NRX-USB PRO

The NRX-USB is a dongle used to program wireless components. The usb connects to the laptop and makes contact with the RF receiver. This way the wireless components can be integrated in an analog fire alarm system. The maintenance of the system is also done via this usb.

Specifications NRX-USB

  • Used to program wireless Agile systems
  • Used to maintain wireless Agile systems
  • Equipped with LED indicator
Agile Wireless Fire Detection_DS_EN_june20.pdf
Agile Wireless Fire Detection_DS_EN_june20.pdf (356.83 KB) Download