MS300 Mobeye Mobile GSM Water Detector

The Mobeye GSM Mobile Water Detector detect the presence of water-based liquids. When liquids are detected, the detector sends GSM alarm reports by SMS and/or telephone calls.

Powered by 12V adapter (included).

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The Mobeye Mobile GSM Water detector detects the presence or absence of water-based liquids and sends an notification via SMS text message and/or call consequently. Moreover devices can be activated via the outputs.
Because of the autonomous operation the detectors are applicable anywhere where a GSM network is available.

The Mobile Water Detector is entirely self-supporting with a built-in GSM module. It can run on external power or on its internal batteries. If the external power falls away, a power failure message is sent and the unit goes back to the low power mode.

The Mobeye MS300 is equipped with a water float sensor. To the second input another float sensor can be connected. In this way a second water level can be monitored, or any other sensor. The two output relays can be used to switch devices after an alarm situation or remotely, for example to control a water pump.


The Mobeye MS300 can be applied for:
- buildings, storage locations
- cellars, drainage systems, pump houses
- construction site
- boats
- etc.

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Product Questions

Is it possible for Belgians to easily register the SIM card that you provide? When does the paid subscription start, what are the costs involved and can I immediately order it online?
Question by: Frank on Oct 25, 2023, 4:44 PM
The SIM/portal service for Mobeye applies throughout Europe (and partly beyond). Registration is simple and takes place online, the SIM contract only starts on the day of online registration, even if payment has been made in advance. The costs are €4.00 excl. VAT per month, to be settled once a year. A clear manual is included; If there are any problems with the set-up, Mobeye will provide support by telephone.

A SIM is included as standard with the product. Payment can be made directly to Mobeye.

Best regards
Answer by: Frank Ligthart (Admin) on Oct 25, 2023, 5:03 PM