Mobeye i110 all-in-one GSM portable Alarm System

The Mobeye i110 guards your property wherever you are.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE replaced by: Mobeye iCM

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Mobeye i110 all-in-one GSM portable alarm system

The Mobeye i110 alarm system guards your possessions wherever you are. You can simply place the mobeye in the area that needs protection, and activate it with your user code. Never before security was so easy.

The Mobeye i110 is ideal for places without access to electrical current. With the built-in GSM module, motion detector and temperature sensor it protects any place against risks. Typical applications are the holiday house, the boat, temporary safeguarding in building or at home. The all-in-one system can be used directly everywhere without installation work or complicated programming.

The Mobeye i110 offers the user an option for a silent or loud alarm as soon as intruders are detected. A silent alarm enlarges the chance to catch the intruders in the act; a loud alarm will probably frighten them away. Apart from that the Mobeye i110 transmits an SMS message and a telephone call to the telephone numbers installed by you. This way you need not miss any report.

The Mobeye is not just a burglar alarm. To protect your objects properly, a temperature sensor is built in. You can adjust a lower and/or upper limit. When overstepping the limit you are warned immediately. Thus you are protected directly against frost danger or overheating.

The batteries have a long duration. If you ask for a daily test report, the batteries will last over a year. Without test reports even longer. When the batteries need to be replaced you receive a “battery low” SMS.

The Mobeye has a number of simple adjustment options. You may have a personal recognition text sent in the SMS report. The entrance delay and the sensor sensitivity are adjustable. The siren may be switched on or off, just as the signal during the entrance delay. And to determine the correct provider for your SIM card, you can receive the strength of all network masts in your area.

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Is it possible for Belgians to easily register the SIM card that you provide? When does the paid subscription start, what are the costs involved and can I immediately order it online?
Question by: Frank on Oct 25, 2023, 4:44 PM
The SIM/portal service for Mobeye applies throughout Europe (and partly beyond). Registration is simple and takes place online, the SIM contract only starts on the day of online registration, even if payment has been made in advance. The costs are €4.00 excl. VAT per month, to be settled once a year. A clear manual is included; If there are any problems with the set-up, Mobeye will provide support by telephone.

A SIM is included as standard with the product. Payment can be made directly to Mobeye.

Best regards
Answer by: Frank Ligthart (Admin) on Oct 25, 2023, 5:03 PM