Mobeye CM4400 GSM Smoke Detector

The Mobeye CM4400 GSM smoke detector combines a high quality EI Electronics smoke detector with a very low power Mobeye GSM alarm module.

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Mobeye GSM Smoke Detector CM4400 with siren and GSM alarm

The Mobeye CM4400 is a combination of the Ei Electronics Ei605TYC smoke detector and the Mobeye CM4410 communication module. In the event of an alarm, the loud siren sounds and the set contacts are informed via push message, voice call, SMS or e-mail. Works fully battery poweredAlarm messages

In the event of a fire alarm, the siren warns you with a loud signal on site. In addition, the contacts receive a notification by app (IOS/Android), telephone call (voice message), text message and/or e-mail. For the push messages there is a choice between an escalation plan or group message. With the escalation plan, the recipient can confirm the push message, so that the other contacts no longer receive the message. If none of the recipients confirms the push message, a call, SMS and/or e-mail will still be sent out. The number of contacts is unlimited.
The Mobeye CM4400 can report fire and test reports to a private control room (ARC) for professional follow-up. Read more info.

Single smoke detector or multiple in a wireless network
The Mobeye Smoke Detector CM4400 is intended for situations in which one smoke detector (with reporting by telephone) is sufficient.
The Mobeye CM4400RF is for situations with multiple smoke, heat and CO detectors. It is equipped with a radio frequency (RF) module for interfacing with other Ei Electronics detectors. As soon as one of the detectors in the network detects fire or CO, all sirens will sound and the communication module will send notifications.

Battery operated
The Mobeye 2G/4G Smoke Detector works on batteries. It can be used autonomously, anywhere. The CM4400 is designed for a long battery life. The Ei Electronics smoke detector has a 10-year lithium battery. The integrated communication detector works for more than a year on 2x CR123 batteries.

Network and SIM card
The Mobeye SIM card gives the device full functionality, including the use of the Mobeye Internet Portal and the app. With the Mobeye SIM card, communication takes place over the 4G LTE-M network with 2G as fallback.
When you insert your own SIM card, the device works on 2G. Alarm messages are then sent via SMS and/or call to max. 5 telephone numbers.

Product versions CM4400

Stand-alone smoke detector with phone notifications
CM4410 + Ei605TYC

Smoke detector with communication module and RF-module, for Ei network
CM4410 + Ei605TYC + Ei650M

Stand-alone heat detector with phone notifications
CM4410 + Ei603TYC

Heat detector with communication module and RF-module, for Ei network
CM4410 + Ei603TYC + Ei650M

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Product Questions

Is it possible for Belgians to easily register the SIM card that you provide? When does the paid subscription start, what are the costs involved and can I immediately order it online?
Question by: Frank on Oct 25, 2023, 4:44 PM
The SIM/portal service for Mobeye applies throughout Europe (and partly beyond). Registration is simple and takes place online, the SIM contract only starts on the day of online registration, even if payment has been made in advance. The costs are €4.00 excl. VAT per month, to be settled once a year. A clear manual is included; If there are any problems with the set-up, Mobeye will provide support by telephone.

A SIM is included as standard with the product. Payment can be made directly to Mobeye.

Best regards
Answer by: Frank Ligthart (Admin) on Oct 25, 2023, 5:03 PM