Jablotron JA-81M wireless magnetic door detector and universal transmitter

The Jablotron JA-81M is designed to detect the opening of doors, windows etc..


Alternative: JA-82M.

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The JA-81M is designed to detect the opening of doors, windows etc. It can also be extended by a normally closed / normally open sensor connected to its wired input. For example existing (non-Jablotron) fire detectors, flood detectors or a mercury switch.

It is also designed to detect the mishandling of roller blinds. This is achieved by being wired to a device detecting ratchet-wheel movements. Small movements are filtered out so that random wind blasts do not cause false alarms. The battery-powered detector communicates via OASIS radio protocol.


See 2nd picture above:
1. IN1 - If the IN1 terminal is disconnected from GND it sends the same signal to the control panel as if the magnet had been removed from the detector. The internal magnetic sensor can be disabled by the DIP switch if desired.
2. The balanced loop feature can be used when the connection of a detector with a NO output is needed. The resistor is then shorted out by the closing contact and the detector is triggered.
3. IN2 - The IN2 input terminal receives signals from the ratchet-wheel CT-01. Alarm signals are then only transmitted when the ratchet contact is opened at least three times within 10 seconds. This filters out disconnections caused by accidental ratchet-wheel shifts, which are due to wind blasts. When the IN2 input is opened for more than 1 sec a tamper signal is sent.

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