DSC LC-104-PIMW-W QUAD motion detector with microwave function

DSC LC-104-PIMW-W QUAD motion detector with microwave function.

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QUAD motion detector with microwave function, wired

The LC-104-PIMW-W is one of the most advanced motion detectors within the range of motion detection equipment from DSC. This detector is firstly equipped with a QUAD passive infrared detector. This detector accurately and reliably detects the movements of humans and animals through the QUAD function. The QUAD detector of this detector detects both horizontal and vertical movements. Movements are detected up to a distance of up to 12 meters.

The second detection method in this detector is a microwave function. This specific function is activated when the QUAD PIR has detected a movement. The alarm message is checked and confirmed if necessary using sound waves at a frequency of 10.525 GHz. As a result, the chance of false alarms is very minimal.

The housing of this detector is equipped with a built-in tamper switch. This tamper switch alerts you when a detector is opened or removed.

DSC LC-104-PIMW-W specifications:

  • Quad Linear technology
  • Microwave detection based on Dopler concept, 10.525GHz
  • Equipped with tamper and alarm contact
  • Digital signal analysis function
  • Immune to sharp white light
  • Animal-friendly up to 25kg
  • PIR sensitivity can be adjusted separately
  • NCP and INCERT certified
  • Power supply: 8.2-16V DC
  • Current consumption: 20mA in rest and 25mA in alarm
  • Dimensions: 118 x 62.5 x 41mm

LC-104-PIMW-W Compatibility:
This product is compatible with all DSC intrusion control panels.

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