Powerseries NEO HS2064PCBE Motherboard with 64-zone control panel

Powerseries NEO HS2064PCBE Motherboard with 64-zone control panel.

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DSC Powerseries NEO HS2064PCBE Motherboard, 64 zones

The PowerSeries NEO control panels form a powerful range of hybrid burglar alarm systems, equipped with the latest innovations in the field of alarm systems. Each panel is modularly expandable with both wired and wireless zones. The panel meets all European security standards to comply with class II.

DSC PowerG technology
All PowerSeries NEO intrusion panels equiped with the PowerG Host use the PowerG technology. The PowerG technology is the most powerful wireless alarm technology in the burglary market. The panel therefore supports full 2-way technology and can offer a range of no less than 2 kilometers in open areas. The range can possibly be enhanced with repeaters.

PowerSeries Neo control panels communicate wirelessly over 3 frequencies. This panel has 62 different subfrequencies, distributed over 433, 868 and 922 MHz. The system performs no less than 64 scans per second over the different frequencies in order to offer extremely stable communication for wireless components! Thanks to the special multi-channel hopping technology, data packets are divided into time slots to send faster and more data!

Wide range of wireless components
With the arrival of the Powerseries NEO intrusion panels, DSC also has a wide range of wireless components. For example, it is possible to use 2-way control panels with or without built-in proximity readers, possibly combined with voice messages.

Mobile phone application and video verification
The alarm system is fully controllable through an extensive telephone application from DSC. This can optionally be expanded with a service from www.alarm.com to add more functionality and options to the operation of your system. In addition, it is possible to request images from the sensors and these can be reported to an emergency room.

Specifications HS2064PCBE Motherboard

  • User-friendly menu and easy to operate
  • 8 to 64 zones, 8 zones on boardExpandable to 64 wired or wireless zones
  • 4 programmable outputs, expandable to 70 outputs
  • 8 Partitions
  • 95 User codes
  • Memory buffer for 500 events
  • Maximum 8 wireless repeaters

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