Aritech AS270/1 Indoor Siren with optional flash light

Indoor siren with optional flash light for use as an acoustic device in the interior or exterior of a residential and industrial area. Has the option to give a tamper alarm.

Size 155 x 113 x 40m

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Wiring to the alarmsystem

The A270 / A271:
1 = Tamper
2 = Tamper
3 = + 12V              -  OASiS = U+
4 = 0V speaker    -  OASiS = EW
5 = 0V flash          -  OASiS = IW  (only A271)

The control panel
EW – external warning output, (max. 0.5A). This output is grounded during an alarm. The EW output status is also transmitted for the wireless EW siren.
IW - internal warning output. This output is grounded during an alarm. A hardwired siren can be wired between +U and IW terminals (max. 0.5A). The IW output status is also transmitted for the wireless IW siren.

The difference between the internal warning (IW) output function and the external warning (EW) one lies in their behaviour during the entrance delay period. If any instant reaction detectors are triggered during the entrance delay period, (e.g. by a child running straight to the living room during disarming), only an internal warning is triggered and then the external warning follows only if the entrance delay has been exceeded (but no longer than 30 seconds).


Power supply - 10.0 to 14.2V DC - by the control panel
Frequency Siren 2500 to 3000 Hz
Sound output at 1 m: Siren 108 dB (typical)
Current consumption 120 mA at 12 VDC (typical)
Dimensions 155 x 114 x 44 mm
Operating temperature -25 to +55°C
Material ABS
Colour White
IP/IK rating IP315

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