AJAX MotionProtect Curtain, inner curtain PIR with anti-mask

Wireless curtain motion detector with anti-maskingprotection and pet immunity

MotionProtect Curtain is a “blind” type motion detector,equipped with two PIR sensors. It detects motion up to10 meters away, while protecting against masking andignoring pet movement. It is connected to the Ajaxsecurity system via Jeweller protected protocol, with atransmission distance of up to 1,800 meters withoutobstacles. The detector operates up to 4 years with thebundled battery. It can be installed outdoors.

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AJAX MotionProtect Curtain

Narrow beam indoor motion detector. Protects windows, doors, and valuables

At home
With the MotionProtect Curtain detectors, you can secure the perimeter of your house and freely move indoors. If a stranger breaks in, the system will raise an alarm and call the security company.

In a garage
Burglars won't get through the garage door undetected when MotionProtect Curtain is in action. The curtain detector will continue to operate even if the temperature drops to -10°C.

At a museum
The visitors can stroll the exhibits as they please. But if they cross the line and reach towards an artwork, an alarm will be raised.

In a pet-friendly apartment
When installed correctly, MotionProtect Curtain keeps your private property safe and ignores the pets, even if they are Saint Bernards.

Reliable radio communication
MotionProtect Curtain connects to the hub through radio communication at a distance of up to 1,700 meters. Jeweller, the proprietary two-way communication protocol protects data transmissions with advanced encryption. In case of interference or jamming, Ajax security system switches the frequency and alerts you and your dedicated alarm response company.


Classification: Radio-interlinked photoelectric security detector
Type of detector: Wireless
Motion detection distance: From 6 to 15 meters (depending on the device settings)
Installation method: Indoors only
Compatibility: Operates only with Hub, Hub Plus, Hub 2 and ReX
Sensing element: Two PIR sensors
Alarm signal delivery time: 0.15 seconds
Detection angles: Horizontally — 6°, Vertically — 90°
Sensitivity: Adjustable, 3 levels
Recommended installation height: 2.4 meters
Power supply: Battery: CR123A, 3 V
Battery life: Up to 3 years
Jeweller radio technology: Communication range with detectors — up to 1,700 m in an open space, Two-way communication between devices, Operating frequencies — 868.0-868.6 MHz, Self-adjusting RF output power — up to 20 mW, Block encryption based on AES algorithm, Detector polling period — 12−300 s, Frequency hopping
Temperature sensor: Available
Operating temperature range: From −10°С to +40°С
Operating humidity: Up to 95%
Anti-sabotage: Fraud protection, Jamming notification, Tamper-resistant
Protection class: IP54
Dimensions: 134 × 44 × 34 mm
Weight: 118 g
Warranty: Replacement and repair for a period of 24 months from the date of sale. The warranty does not cover batteries.
Complete Set: MotionProtect Curtain motion detector, SmartBracket mounting panel, CR123A batteries (pre-installed), Bracket, Installation kit, User’s guide

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