About us


In 2014 Credex celebrated its' 10 year Anniversary. Former risk manager Drs. Frank M. Ligthart started off the company in 2004 to pursue his ideas on developing risk management and risk assessment services.

For years now, we do what we know best, which is: to offer state-of-the-art alarm equipment and services, to help facilitate optimal security and communications for the private and business industry.

What can Credex Alarm Systems mean for you?

 • Reliability: a long-term customer relationship is always the starting point;
 • Fast, personal and good technical support;  
 • Only quality products;
 • Competitive prices with a better service;
 • Fast delivery: usually from stock within 24 hours;
 • One-stop shopping concept: all your security requirements from one supplier.


At Credex, we make it our business to service you in the best possible - tailor made - way. Our service is reviewed as effective, quick and trustworthy. And we are grateful for the ratings and reviews of our customers.

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