Jablotron JK-63KR basispakket

Jablotron JK-63KR basispakket heeft als centrale de JA-63KR controle paneel inclusief verschillende componenten.

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De JK-63KR basispakket heeft als centrale de JA-63KR controle paneel inclusief verschillende componenten.

Het basispakket bestaat uit:
* JA-63KR - controle paneel;
* JA-63F - bedieningspaneel;
* JA-60N - raam/deur magneetcontact;
* SA-201 - bedraad raam/deur magneetcontact;
* JA-60P - bewegingsdetector;
* RC-44 - afstandsbediening;
* UC-260 - binnensirene.

Jablotron alarm systeem heeft een bouwsteen structuur zoals LEGO, zodat u ten alle tijden het systeem kunt uitbreiden en aanpassen aan uw persoonlijke wensen.

Controle paneel
Het controle paneel heeft bij dit basispakket geen communicatie met de buitenwereld. Hiervoor kunt u dan op ieder gewenst moment een communicatie module (LAN, PSTN of GSM) inbouwen.

1. Sixteen addresses to assign up to 32 detectors (one address/zone can have 2 detectors), 8 addresses to assign control devices (keyboards and remote controls), 1 address for the assignment of 2 wireless sirens;
2. Fourteen addresses for the assignment of authorized users (the main user can alter the numerical codes). The system records all changes in its memory and can also send SMS reports on the arrival and departure of visitors to the building (e.g. for monitoring the presence of workers, monitoring children at home, etc.);
3. Wireless devices communicate by an encrypted protocol in the 433MHz band at a maximum distance of about one hundred meters. The system monitors the status of all wireless devices (every 15 minutes);
4. Wireless devices are powered by standard alkaline batteries that have a typical life of about 1 year. There is a low-battery reporting system for users, and for service technicians, if desired;
5. Keyboards are simple and clear and do not provide textual information as it is sent by SMS to mobile phone users;
6. System settings can be done by computer (connecting via USB cable, or remotely via the Internet), setup software is supplied free of charge and downloadable from the Jablotron website. Setting up is also possible with instruction sequences entered on the keyboard;
7. Possible to either guard the whole house, or it can be protected by partial arming (sections A, ABC), or as a split system with two independent sections (e.g. housing two different families or firms);
8. The system is certified according to euro-norm EN 50131-1 grade 2 (low to medium risk). The certification of installations and installation companies are recognized by insurance companies for reduced insurance premiums;
9. Two years guarantee.


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