Jablotron JA-63E bedraad Bedieningspaneel

Jablotron JA-63E bedraad bedieningspaneel is ontworpen voor Jablotron’s PROFi JA-60 serie.

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The JA-63E keypad is designed to control and program alarm systems of Jablotron’s JA-60 series.

The keypad is equipped with backlit keys, built-in LED signalling, acoustic signalling, and a display. It conveys information about the system status in a convenient way. The keypad communicates wired.

The keypad has a single input which is designed for door contact connections.

Any undesirable mishandling of the keypad (like opening its housing or tearing the keypad off its position) will trigger tamper signalling. In addition, the number of attempts to enter an access code is checked not to exceed a given limit.

The keypad performs regular auto-testing and reports its condition (including loss of communication) regularly to the system for full supervision.

The JA-63E is a wired version of the keypad, and must be connected to the control panel with a cable.


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