Intratone 4G

Intracom intercom system with more than 1 million users in Europe

With Intratone's innovative intercom systems, your customer can easily control the access to buildings remotely. Intratone's solutions work via GPRS or 4G. When a visitor operates the intercom, you answer with your landline, mobile phone, PC or tablet. This makes it possible to open a front door from anywhere. In addition, thanks to the wireless technology, there is no need for handsets or complicated cabling. This makes installation simple and cost-effective, and a system is ready for use within 1 day. If you also want to see who is at the door, you can do this via the free downloadable app.

Securing the exterior of a residential complex

The security of apartment buildings is a major concern. In order to prevent criminal acts or intrusions and to clearly define private and public spaces, it is of the utmost importance to close these complexes and install access control systems already in the outdoor areas.

The convenience of wireless

If you choose Intratone, you choose a solution without nuisance and a saving on costs. Thanks to the wireless technology, digging and complicated cabling are not necessary.
Handsets or internal units for users are also superfluous due to the use of GPRS and 4G; the users simply open the door of the building with their landline, mobile phone, PC or with their tablet. And an administrator no longer has to manufacture labels for nameplates because the nameplates can be adjusted digitally and remotely.

The simplicity of installation

Thanks to remote management, the intercoms can be easily programmed in advance and installed ready for operation, so they are immediately operational after installation. A company on location is therefore not necessary. The installation of the Intratone components such as readers and intercoms can therefore be realized in a few hours.

Attractive investment

The purchase of an Intratone system is very affordable compared to other systems. And the elimination of internal units and complicated cabling also means significant cost savings; no high costs for working hours and considerably less costs for maintenance. Finally, the subscription costs are also included in the purchase price. This way you can continue to use the system for years without monthly costs.

In short, Intratone offers:

  • Very user-friendly and secure remote management
  • The number of apartments to be managed is unlimited
  • 24/7 secure access to buildings
  • Cable-free and quickly installed (usually ready to use within a few hours)
  • Cost saving
  • Unique comfort and safety for all residents

More than 1 million homes are already connected to Intratone wireless intercoms! Don't wait any longer, discover the difference.