Ei208DW Stand-alone CO Koolmonoxide detector met display

Het product dient voor de detectie van CO (koolmonoxide) gas en vroegtijdige waarschuwing voor de schadelijke effecten van dit gas. 

Een koolmonoxidemelder, ook wel co-melder genoemd, detecteert giftig, geur-, smaak- en kleurloos koolmonoxide.

Verwar een CO-melder niet met een CO2-melder. CO2 is namelijk geen koolmonoxide, maar koolstofdioxide.

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Aico carbon monoxide detectors incorporate high-sensitivity electrochemical sensors with a lifespan of around 5-6 years. The lithium cell in this model will power the device for more than ten years: outlasting the lifespan of the sensor itself, so you will never need to change the battery.

This model includes a useful memory feature that records the level of carbon monoxide when the alarm was last triggered.

This is the battery powered Aico Ei208W carbon monoxide alarm - helping you detect and be alarmed of the CO leakeage.

Aico Ei208W Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Product Description

  • The Ei208W Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm is supplied with a powered-for-life sealed lithium battery.
  • The alarm has a high performance, proven electrochemical sensor to sense CO presence. The sensor is individually calibrated and tested in Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas to ensure accuracy.
  • The memory feature records the last CO alarm level and can be useful to check if CO has been present while the home owner or tenant has been absent from the property.
  • An easy to use Test/Hush button allows the user to check the alarm. This checks all aspects of the alarm (sensor, electronics, battery and sounder).
  • The alarm has an “End of Life” indicator which will notify the user when the alarm needs replacing at the end of its 6 year operational life.
  • The alarm has a twist on mounting base which has multiple fixing points so it can easily be secured to a ceiling or wall. The fixing screws are supplied with the alarm
  • While it is always best to fix the alarm position, it is also designed for desktop and table mounting. This makes the alarm portable for use in holiday homes and for frequent travelers.

Aico Ei208W Carbon Monoxide Alarm - The way it operates

  • When toxic levels of Carbon Monoxide are detected, the alarm will sound and the red alarm light will flash as detailed below:
    # CO Level < 43 ppm, Red Led Off, Horn Off
    # CO Level 43 to 80 ppm, Red Led 1 flash every 2 seconds, Horn On after 60 - 90 mins
    # CO Level 80 to 150 ppm, Red Led 1 flash every second, Horn On after 10 - 40 mins
    # CO Level >150 ppm, Red Led 2 flashes every second, Horn On within 2 minutes
  • The alarm will automatically clear when CO gas clears.
  • The amber fault light will flash twice every 50 seconds to indicate that the alarm needs replacing.
  • The alarm will beep and the amber light will flash twice every 50 seconds to indicate a fault with the sensor.
  • Test/Hush button operation:
    # When "pressed and held" it will perform a test of the sensor, electronics, battery and sounder.
    # When "pressed briefly" it will Hush (silence) the sounding alarm and all interconnected (RadioLINK) alarms for a period of 4 minutes.
    # As a safety feature the Hush (silence) button will not work if the CO level detected is greater than 150ppm.

Aico Ei208W Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Tehnical Specs

  • Powered-for-Life Lithium Battery
  • Proven electrochemical sensor (6 year life).
  • Powered-for-Life sealed lithium battery.
  • End of life indication.
  • Easy to use large Test/Hush button.
  • Pre-alarm indication gives early warning of CO.
  • Alarm Horn: Piezoelectric
  • Proven Electrochemical, 100% calibrated and tested with CO gas to ensure accuracy. CO level is checked every 4 seconds.
  • Sound Output: 85dB(A) at 3m. Modulated sound gives 3 rapid pulses followed by a ½ second pause. Loud distinct alarm sound (85 dB(A) minimum at 3m).
  • Memory feature indicates if CO has been previously detected.
  • Temperature Range: -10oC to 40oC
  • Button Test: Checks the electronics, battery, horn and sensor
  • Power, alarm and fault indicator lights.
  • 5 Year guarantee (limited).
  • Add Ei200MRF RadioLINK modules to interconnect 2 or more alarms (sold separately).
  • Interconnected alarms will all sound when CO has been detected
  • RadioLINK Wireless Upgrade (optional)


Product Vragen

ALs ik de 100+ koop, kan ik dan de JA-83M, de JA-83P en de JA-85B gebruiken die ik al heb (vanwege aanschaf van de Oasis)?
Vraag van: Peter Kool op 9 sep 2023 18:30
Hallo, in principe is de 100 serie niet compatibel met de OASiS serie vanwege een extra beveiligde 868mHz communicatie protocol. Mocht u toch uw OASiS detectoren willen blijven gebruiken dan is er de JA-110R-80 radio module voor de 100 serie. Check onze productpagina van deze radio module (zoekbalk) op onze website.

Answer by: Frank Ligthart (Admin) on 10 sep 2023 13:25
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