Jablotron AN-05 2G/3G externe GSM Antenne

GSM rod antenna 900/1800MHz, +4dB, magnetisch, hoogte 29 cm, lengte kabel 3m, SMA connector.

Geschikt voor gsm modules: GD-04, JA-60GSM, JA-82Y, JA-192Y, CA-1201 en CA-1202.

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€ 26,00 € 21,49

GSM rod antenna 900/1800MHz, +4dB, magnetic, length 29 cm, cable 3m, SMA connector.

Can be used with Jablotron 100, GD-04, JA-60GSM, JA-82Y, CA-1201, CA-1202.

Technical specifications AN-05 GSM Antenna

Dimensions 110 x 30 mm
Operating temperature range -40 °C to +60 °C
Bands 800 - 2100MHz
Antenna gain 4 dBi
Conductor length 3 m
Connector SMA
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