Jablotron AC-116 Multi-channel Hybrid Transceiver

Jablotron AC-116 is used to receive signals from wireless and wired peripherals. Allows you to control up to 16 independent hot-water circuits and work with 48 wireless peripherals.

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AC-116 Multi-channel hybrid transceiver

The AC-116 can be used with the following devices: TP-150, TP-155, JA-111M, JA-151M and TH-80TH.

The unit can effectively manage multi-circuit hot water heating systems using thermoelectric valves. For ease of use and advanced features, we recommend you to buy the AC-100LCD touch screen unit.

Technical specifications

Power 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Current consumption 0.02 A standby; 0.3 A max.
Maximum output current 1.6 A
Built in current protection fuse, 1,6 A
Maximum allowed relay load 10 A / 230 V
Voltage for outputs 1–16 24 V DC
Load for outputs 1–16 max. 0.4 A for each output, 1,6 A for sum of all outputs
Communication band 868.1 MHz
RF range receiver/transmitter 100 m (open area)
Maximum no. of devices 48
Dimensions: 400 x 100 x 60 mm
Mechanical resistance (EN 62262) IK06
Housing: (EN 60529) IP-30
Operational environment: general indoor, relative humidity max. 85 %
Operational temperature: -10o C to +40oC
Radio parameters: ETSI EN 300 220
EMC: EN 50130-4, EN 55022
Safety: EN 60730-1
Can be operated to: ERC REC 70-03


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Product Vragen

Is deze ook compatibel met de oasis 80?
Vraag van: A.E. Nagtegaal op 23 nov 2021 19:44
De 100 serie heeft een 12 bit langer protocol... dus: 101010101010101010123456789012 in plaats van: 10101010101010101 (OASiS).
Answer by: Frank Ligthart on 5 dec 2021 14:07
Nee, helaas niet compatibel met de OASiS 80 serie.

Answer by: Frank Ligthart on 24 nov 2021 16:38
Goedenavond, werkt de ac-116 standalone of kan ik deze ook toevoegen op de centrale zodat ik hem via de app ook kan bedienen of pg schakelingen er mee doen
Vraag van: Mark langeveld op 13 apr 2021 21:33
De AC-116 is niet leverbaar in Nederland. Wij hebben geen details omtrent de werking ervan.
Answer by: Frank Ligthart on 14 apr 2021 16:41
AC-116 Manual
AC-116 Manual (804.77 KB) Downloads